Thanks Y’all x ConFromThe703

Mr.703 himself has released a project for his supporters and fans directly called THANKS Y’ALL. The project is 3 tracks and features artists like LazyRios and Sonny Ward and producers May6 and Caesar. Con also took to twitter yesterday to tell everyone:

March 8th via twitter (@ConHatesMondays) – “Welp. Thanks Y’all drops today; So yeah. Thanks for coming to my shows, listening to the shit I put out, telling a friend as I’ve told y’all many times…; For hitting a n*gga up with nice things to say about my shit, for the opportunities y’all be givin me n whatnot. Thanks for all that; Idc about plays or retweets or none of that shit. Just enjoy these 3 songs. Y’all earned em. Thanks again folks.”

With the project less than 24 hours old, it’s already created a buzz on social media. Some people even saying 3 songs just wasn’t enough! All songs have broken through the 100 plays mark and GETNIQONTHEPHONE has even hit the 200 mark!! We’re excited to see what else comes from this talented gentleman as the year progresses. Make sure you listen to THANKS Y’ALL available on Soundcloud and Apple Music now!

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