Early in the day on March 8th, Harrisonburg artist Keynote Illidge dropped his anticipated project titled Keynote Address: Rough Draft. This project is 8 tracks with Spoken Word infused into the songs. Keynote has personally added these touches to his project to connect to his fans and is also a way he stays true to himself. Countdown was the perfect way to start the project off giving us feels of what we can expect as the project continues. words of love, strength and encouragement this project is defiantly worth playing through a few times!

With features and multiple talents taking part in this project, we’ve got to say Dancing With The Devil ft Trankquility and Sonny Ward has got to be one of our favorites over at the Junkies! The song was produced by Penacho Beats & lets all three guys be themselves while collectively combining their sound to create this HIT. With the projects numbers climbing already hitting the hundreds, make sure you take a listen to this amazing piece of work and put it on repeat a couple times too! Follow Keynote on twitter @Keynote_illidge and listen to Keynote Address: Rough Draft HERE:

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