LEVAR x Rose Red

There are a lot of upcoming talents but one person in particular is climbing his way up! Artist, producer, writer, director, fashioner designer and even singer (sometimes), LEVAR does it all! This well rounded artist has been in the industry for a whopping 11 years. A little back story, LEVAR became intrigued with music at a young age. He joined his school band at 11 and played the saxophone until he graduated high school. Even though he loved the sax and playing other instruments, he said he wanted to challenge himself to learn how to express himself using words instead of music notes. LEVAR eventually taught himself of how write music at the age of 14. Fast forward to the present, his latest project is titled ROSE RED co produced by JAPPO and was released on February 18th. He spills that we can be expecting visuals “coming soon.. Maybe this weekend?” If that’s the case we are VERY excited and will be watching closely for any releases. LEVAR defiantly showcases his talents and passions on an everyday basis and makes sure he reflects that onto his music for his listeners and fans saying “I just really want my fans to know that I’m just a down to earth guy who loves to make music in all different genres. I don’t like the concept of being put in a box so I’m striving to break the standards of the music industry. the goal is to become an image of change and hope in this world to let the kids know that you can grow up to be anything you want to be.” 
Make sure you follow LEVAR on social media for all new and updates on visuals and everything music related. He will also be performing in Richmond Va at STRANGE MATTER, March 28th (tickets will be available soon!) Don’t forget to check out his project ROSE RED on Soundcloud HERE: 

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