90WYSE x Close To The Edge

Woodbridge native 90WYSE has come back again with ANOTHER banger! From his first track Ahead of the Scene (released in 2016) to now he’s shown major growth and a lot of versatility! He’s done a great job at really coming out of his comfort zone and really getting in touch with creating music his listeners can relate to. 90 created quite a bit of a buzz around NoVa with his last single Gazbacho (now on Soundcloud) and it was only right that he kept the buzz going with his NEW single release called Close To The Edge ft. LAMVR (PROD by Monk). In it’s first 24 hours of release its already hit 100+ listens on Soundcloud and is expected to keep going up from there! Not only do we get to enjoy the song, but 90 also reveals that we can expect visuals and a mixtape coming later this year! 2017 is already off to a great start and we can only imagine it getting better. make sure you follow him on social media for all news and updates on what’s to come his year! @90Wyse and listen to Close To The Edge HERE: 

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