N A I M x Say Less

This past Valentine’s Day was a day of love,  gifts and of course New Music! Artist N A I M, originally from VA, decided to give us all new music to help celebrate! He is a member of the label Somnium Sound an is a co-founder of “Fected Freeroamer$ Regime. N A I M does not consider himself a rapper, but an artist, saying he doesn’t wish to confine himself to one specific genre. The first track he relased is called Say Less

Say Less is a contrast to his second release titled Let’s Get Lost. The overall message of this song (Say Less) is to “mind your own business and not announce your every move; Stay lowkey, stay on your own hustle, and get straight to the point.” Make sure you follow N A I M on twitter @otherworldNAIM for more updates and releases! Listen to SAY LESS here: 

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