Tavon Hamlet x NXTCHPTR *TEASER* 

As you guys know, our very own Junkie Tavon Hamlet has been writing for a long time and has also published his own book called Black Idols (which is available for reading via WattsApp). A year later, he’s been working on a new book, titled NXTCHPTR set to release on Valentine’s Day. As the days pass closer and closer to the release he’s been teasing us with snippets of different chapters of the book. Here’s a snippet of his work from chapter 16, Dr.Me, an ode to mental health. Make sure you follow tavon on all his social media pages AND you can pre order your copy of NXTCHPTR here: 

Chapter 16: Dr.Me – 

When I was a child, I felt free. The world was the biggest thing I knew and everywhere I went was someplace new.

When I was child, I had dreams I never knew would become true. I wanted to be a Doctor. I wanted all my friends to call me Doctor. I never knew, I would become a Doctor.


My graduation came faster than I knew it.

I got a call saying they just took my Uncle Billy. Uncle Billy, did you know we all loved you. Did you know you taught me my first lesson in self medication.

Liquor and laughter were my first lessons, I choose laughter and it helped conceal the pain even if only for a second.

You were gone so my dreams seemed out of reach.


I got my degree faster than a millionaire heir who’s payed their way through college when I got a call that my great grandfather had died.

I picked up that lost lesson my Uncle showed me and I overdosed on Cognac and Tequila. Three weeks later I lost my great grandmother and I had to learn a new lesson in self medication.

I started to see that I wasn’t the only one becoming a Doctor.

All my peers started learning new ways to fix the problems.


I was 16 when I told myself, I have to be high everyday.

I was 17 is when I became a Doctor. Quette,

I love you.


I was at work that whole day and I didn’t know what happened.

I ran away years before so I know I wasn’t there and you couldn’t talk to me about what happened.

When I got in the car I was welcomed by my brother with Weed and Liqour and the news that you were killed this morning.

All over the news and to think I ignored that channel this morning. Today I graduated. Every day I would get high, trying to save you. That might replays in my mind, the police seen you were kids, their rules teaches them not to chase you! No one knew that truck would be there but they still know the book and it says “Don’t put children in a high speed chase” somehow that night that rule was erased. I got high. I’m my own doctor This is self medication.


All of my peers have became Doctors now. But we rarely go to the hospital. We use our title Doctor to purchase meds we need to erase all pain from the memories.


Doctors hold many lives in their hands.

Doctors bring many lives back to life.

Why can’t a Doctor be someone who saves their own life? Self Medication.

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