$anchez x Hectic EP

Another student of the game is making going hard and making music that would be foolish to ignore. Born and raised in Manassas, Virginia, $anchez has been perfecting his craft since 2014. A lover of 90’s music, $anchez has been known to make mixes and sample beats while adding his own original twist to it all. Completely independent, $anchez makes music in his home studio. Though usually working alone, on his EP Hectic, $anchez worked a lot with his friend DMVSDJ (featured on Money Pilin’). The Hectic EP is a no nonsense, 16-minute project opening with “Kiss The Ring” featuring a very lush sample giving a jazzy and laid back vibe while he completely rips into the beat. The Hectic EP is the perfect way to introduce $anchez to the world and listening to this will show what kind of person he is as well. 

$anchez is completely transparent on this EP, speaking on his ambitions, insecurities, family, depression, and reasons why he should not be taking lightly. Check out the Hectic EP (below), be on the lookout for his next project, and while you wait, check out his latest single “Tropics (produced by Cash Bently).

 Twitter: @wavygleesh97

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wavy97cal

Hectic EP: https://soundcloud.com/wavy97cal/sets/hectic-ep 

Written by: V 

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