Con N’ Friends 

Last week Mr.703 was set to release a new song called Fadeaway 2 (Test Drive) prod by YNAB, the day finally came and not only did we get Fadeaway 2, but we got a snippet of a new project titled Con N’ Friends! The playlist has 4 songs, one we’re already familiar with (FedEx). The official tracklist contains:

1. BUSSIN 2.FedEx 3.80’s 4.Purple Naked Ladies (snippet)

The playlist features incredibly talented producers and artist features such as Noo$e (@NooSeMusik), Anaro(@TrueAnaro), JohnnyTooBad(@lazyrios) and MAY6(@SIX69AM) just to name a few! There’s no official word on when we’ll get the full version of Purple Naked Ladies but we’re very excited to see what’s in store for Con this year! He’s already tweeted about a joint EP with Induhgo called INDUHCON 2 which we’re super excited for! Make sure you hop on SoundCloud to give these tracks a Listen and follow Con and Friends on social media to see all updates and news and new music! 

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