Meet 2 Raw & AxelaLF 

The DMV has truly found some untapped potential. This potential is found in the creative duo that are 2 Raw & AxelaLF. 2 Raw is a Puerto Rico born rapper producer artist that was raised in Northern Virginia and AxelaLF (also known as “Axela La Fuerza”) is a Honduras born rapper producer also from Northern Virginia. When you see their music pages (link below), you will notice the Hispanic influence as they often dabble in Latin Rap and Reggaeton. The fact that they are bilingual make them a force to be reckoned with. Not only are they appealing to the Hispanic community with their music, often speaking on the injustices faced in the Hispanic community, but they are appealing to the Hip-Hop community with the new vibes that they are bringing to the table.

Image of 2Raw

Image of AxelaLF

​Although the two have not been working together long (began working together early 2016) they have clearly been working together heavily and the chemistry is evident in 2 Raw’s first mixtape “Im Tryna Fill My Plate Up”, with AxelaLF being the producer of 5 out the 13 tracks on the tape. One song that stood out and certainly should not be overlooked on this project, the song titled “Distance”. This is an honest and heart-wrenching song about distance ruining a relationship whether it be physical distance or the fact that couples tend to grow apart over time. This song is not only produced by AxelaLF, but features a gloomy yet hopeful verse from the AxelaLF. The two have contrasting feelings about their partners, Axela seeming to be fighting for love with more of a mellow verse, and 2 Raw seems to be fighting his lover with a high-energy and seemingly angry verse. The energy of the two contradict heavily yet is it a perfect match. This song is definitely a great listen if you want to be put deep in your feelings so check it out. While you’re at it, please check out 2 Raw’s Mixtape. 


2 Raw-Im Tryna Fill My Plate Up:

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