MORNING MUSIC: Geronimo x False Waves 

 ​”I was told, very early on in life, that my voice wasn’t powerful, that my voice didn’t matter“. These are words that the 24-year-old artist Geronimo is determined to disprove with every sample he chops and every line he writes. Using himself as the face and flagship artist of creative collective, “Said I Would”, he plans on using his craft to contribute to his community. When giving a listen to the smooth & laid back sound that is “False Waves (False Prophets Freeverse)” one can draw the conclusion that Geronimo has something to say and that what he has to say should be listened to. Whether he is reflecting on his past or speaking on the controversies of the rap game, Geronimo finds a way to blend a laid back flow in the verse with harmonic melodies in the chorus of False Waves. Before the song ends, Geronimo leaves us with a monologue showing his intelligent perspective on society as he says, “We have a tendency to speak in extremes and are ignorant of what lies in between”. This is the first of many messages listeners can expect to hear through the upcoming year, and if you would like to follow Geronimo on his journey, you absolutely must check out his music below as well as his social media. IG: @ScreamGeronimoo Twitter: @GeronimoGTFU

False Waves (False Prophets Freeverse) Lyrics written by J Geronimo, Music Originally by J Cole – False Prophets 

Article written by V

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