The Nübees x Prisoners of War 

The Nübees is a trio containing Vance Jabari from Manassas Va, Salaam Relli Ill from Charlotte NC and Hyku from New Orleans, LA. Hyku and Salaam met in elementary school and then met Vance in High School. They came together to form a group called The Nübees and here we are today! These gentlemen just released their debut song titled Prisoners of War produced by Omegah Red AKA Poison Flowerz (beat is originally from the MF DOOM song Books of War). They really know how to mesh together well to create good music and I mean, Prisoners of War is DOPE MUSIC. They’re coming up in this game and boy are they reaching for the TOP. Here’s what what the guys had to say about their song: “The song is definitely us displaying our awareness of what’s going on and our perspective on it. The title, “Prisoners of War,” is basically speaking to black people being oppressed by our constant state of warfare and being in defense mode. Our three verses somewhat chronologically go from past, present to future and talk about problems black people go through on the daily. It’s definitely an informative song.” Make sure you follow them on twitter @VanceJabari, @SalaamRelli, @_hyku and @TheNubees! Listen to Prisoners of War HERE: 

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