NewTypeJosh x Cardinals

Virginia is home to a lot of talented people, artist, musicians painters etc. In the city of Woodbridge there are some hidden gems and once you come across them you’re HOOKED. NewTypeJosh is one of those gems. He released a song called Cardinals (featuring OMARtheGroove) this past December and it made my heart full. The song was produced by Evil Needle and has over 120 listens om Soundcloud. “Cardinals was inspired by the old beatnik days of spoken word poetry, in the same vain as Jack Kerouac. I simply wanted to make something people can chill to, groove to, sip a liquor to if they wanted and something with meaning if they wanted to listen deeper. It’s an honest introduction to me and my brother OmartheGroove, my spiraling dissent trying to find self, and his ascent finding his confidence and sense of recklessness. Hopefully the listener can find themselves somewhere along that spectrum.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, this is a song you really didn’t know you needed until you take a listen. Don’t forget to follow Josh (@NewTypeJosh) and Omar (@Omarthegroove) on twitter to keep up with their music and Listen to Cardinals HERE:

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