Chris Dopez x Lyrical Bullets

19-year-old Chris Dopez is an artist and producer born in Centreville (but from Warrenton). “Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved music, but it wasn’t until I started playing in my middle school band that I actually got into it because it gave me basic music theory knowledge and motivation to record my own sounds.” His song, Lyrical Bullets was produced by Chris himself. He tells us that he had help from a friend named Tristan, 17 to rap on the track for him. “We ended up recording it right there on the spot. He had some lyrics jotted down but that last :49 seconds of the song he freestyled til the end, it was unexpected actually but he absolutely murdered my beat.” Chris is brainstorming on some pretty dope plans to make 2017 his year! Make sure you follow him on Twitter @chrislopez219 and on Instagram @chrislopez219.

Listen to Lyrical Bullets HERE:

“I would consider this song a tribute almost, to my friend brady because he was in rehab when we recorded it and Tristan gives him a shout out in the beginning of the track.” 

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