Geronimo x Night Ride 

Take a man with a love for the sound of his own voice, drown him in his own introverted tendencies and lock him away in a cassette tape. His packaging isn’t pretty and his subject matter is a lot to digest. But what you’d find if you do happen to pop that tape in is an optimistic, yet ever-pensive Jon Geronimo, 24. “The world said ‘You can be anything you want to be’ but their actions spoke a different sentiment,” Geronimo reflects. “I was told very early on in life that my words didn’t matter.” Every line that he writes, every sample he chops, and every word he speaks is dedicated to disproving that lie– for himself and for everyone out there to whom that lie is told. The first of many messages listeners can expect to hear in the upcoming year touches on something that binds us all: relationships. 

working hard in the studio !

In his first single, “Night Ride,” (which is also apart of a small EP releasing in summer of 2k17) Geronimo pulls listeners into the mind of a man whose reclusive tendencies always seem to sabotage his relationships. See what happens when the need for love finally outweighs the need for space and the lone wolf lets love in.

Follow Geronimo on IG: @ScreamGeronimoo & Twitter: @GeronimoGTFU For business inquiries contact

Listen to Night Ride HERE:

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