Nick Teslah x Fed Up

Musician/Engineer from Newport News, Nick Teslah (19) is giving everyone a special Christmas gift this year! His new single Fed Up is the perfect tune to end the year! He gave us a statement telling us about it and here’s what he had to say: 

“My new song ‘Fed Up’ is produced by Jay808. The meaning behind this track, is that it’s the portrayal of being pushed to the limit with self and the world. The track is something I’ve had in my folio for about a few months it’s been waiting to wrap it up and have it ready for release it just so happens it was near Christmas so I figured why not?!” We can be expecting visuals in the new year, Nick says he’s very excited for the outcome of it. “In 2017 you’ll get the chance to hear some of the best sounds to come out of VA since the N.E.R.D, 2016 was the year for me experimenting finding a lane and working with the tools I had, now coming into 2017 I have placed myself in a position to handle all the things I wasn’t able to venture into.” We’re all very exciting to see what he brings to the table in the new year! For now, check out FED UP HERE:  

Cover Art by Art done by: @soddiecasino

Follow Nick on Twitter @IAM_NICKTESLAH

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