Meet SUPE DUPE x Music in 2k17

Rapper, performer Supe Dupe is an 22-year-old Virginia artist aspiring to make a name for himself. Starting around the age of 7, he took inspiration from watching his father and uncle (who happens to be Chink Santana) succeed in the music industry. Growing up he listened to artists like DMX who was his favorite, Dipset, G-Unit and of course Lil Wayne which he says is “the best rapper ever, period.” We got a chance to get to know him a little more, and this is what he had to say!

Q:Who are the people who keep you motivated and support you?

A: “Anybody that listens to my music and shows it love. All the people who are at my shows rocking out with me straight cranking, that has me feeling like I’m going to make it. I mean I know I am, but the shows be just stamping it for me. It’s just going take a lil time.”

Q: How did you find your sound? How do you remain an individual in an industry that is continuously changing ?

 A: “I found my sound when I dropped my 1st EP “Eww Da Nigga” in 2015. I put out a bunch a music before that but it wasn’t catching any ears because it was dry and just shit, i dont know it was garbage I guess. With Eww Da Nigga I just put my style all on it and people started liking my music. And I don’t care about the game changing because I don’t be riding waves or copying people steeze. I just do what I do. Supe Dupe Big Dupe. People in my area be on that wanna be trap rappers. Or be trying sound like they from ATL. Like you can tell who they influences are. Listen to me you couldn’t guess who mine are because I don’t sound like anyone out. And I’m versatile with the styles I use. I mean I do rap about the same shit but in different ways. I might crank 1 joint just swag on the other than just be spitting on 1 then might just be on my street shit on the other.”

Q: What’re your longterm goals pertaining to music, and if you could get signed right now, what would be your ideal label?

 A: After I make it big I’m a shine the light on VA put my whole state on. I would sign to GOOD music only because I know Kanye and Travis Scott going make the album sound amazing with they production.

Q: How have you developed & who or what has helped you gain knowledge over the years 

A: Getting around good producers help me developed. I use to rap on YouTube beats. Ain’t get no love. Start linking with producers round the way they help me develop. It just make the music making process better when you there with the producer making the song together.

Q: What is your song process like?
A: I need some liquor. Like neeedddddss. Then crank the beat out loud while I sip and dance around and while I’m doing that I just start writing lines in my head. Then I go record and keep adding on. A verse will take me like 4 or 5 takes.

Q: At the beginning of 2016, you (most likely) set goals for yourself to accomplish this year, were you successful? How you do think 2016 treated you ?
A: 2016 was real good to me. I never preformed in my life. This year from March I done had 8 shows. From DC,Richmond,Woodbridge, and Raleigh NC. 2017 going be much bigger and better though for sure.

Q: What was your favorite project, song, feature or anything YOU created this year and why.
A: I dropped a EP “If Rico Jordan Then I’m Pippen” everything was produced by my fool Rico Turcios. People liked it I loved it. I feel we deserve a Grammy, but “Hitting Licks To Get Rich” was on there. That’s my favorite song to perform as well as my song “Roll Me Up” produced by Trip Dixon & T-MIKE. They’re my favorite songs I dropped this year.

Q: What can we be expecting in 2017? (Singles? EP/MIXTAPES? visuals, more showcase events?)
A: 2017 I’m dropping my 1st full project. “Still Da Nigga”. The sequel to my 1st EP “Eww Da Nigga”. Got a let these people know ain’t nothing changed. Don’t call it a mixtape either it’s an album. That’s all I been focusing on since I dropped the Rico project in August. I’m a do more visuals in 2017 I need a stop lacking on them. Most defiantly doing more shows. That’s my favorite part and I’m working with more people so I’m a have more features out there. Sheeeshh Skutta 2k17.

Supe killin a performance earlier this year!

Q: How has music impacted and changed your life this far?
A: Look I stopped committing crimes because I know I’m a blow up with the music and being locked would mess that up. So people better hope I hurry up and blow or I’m back on that wild ish.

For more upcoming news and music in 2017 follow SUPE on soundcloud at: and on Twitter @Supe_Dupe

Take a listen to IF RICO JORDAN THAN I’M PIPPEN here:

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