Jack TP x Me 

Producer: Jack TP   Released: SoundCloud 

Tracks: 9; 25 minutes

First impression: Somber sounding melodies backed up by soft auto tuned verses leave a strange image of Speaker Knockerzz meets PND. The assumed all in house production flowed well through the entire project and all in all the first listen through was quite enjoyable. I did appreciate the switch up of style in the Champs Freestyle as the punch of the bars was an unexpected punch of flavor on what was to expected to be a smooth flow of truly “chill vibed” music.

Key songs: Know Me/This is good ain’t it- Both songs deliver a strong, exciting, and bass filled party energy with still capturing Jack’s own slow and methodical approach to lyrical punch.

Champs Freestyle – A strong testament to solidify Jack TP as not only a rapper but a producer. Filled with lyrical punches that say “My name is Jack TP, and this is serious”.
Wish you would: Jack showed that sometimes simplicity is superior, a simple piano riff and boom bap rhythm lace the track on his most popular track. 

Final thoughts: Jack’s smooth methodical technique is enough to set the trance to any good time. The switch up in Know Me is sly enough to catch any new listener off guard into a enjoyable and repeat worth experience. With substance lyrics and an obvious drive to create Jack TP definitely made himself a voice to be heard. Be sure to make sure Jack TP is a name you look out for in the new coming year. 

Take a listen to ME here : https://soundcloud.com/cool-ass-jack/sets/me-1

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