Lukey D x Kil x CAPISCE 

Artist Lukey D and producer Kil, have been working hard day and night to present us with a brand new 9 track EP tittled Capisce, and it’s finally here! At the stroke of midnight we were all able to stream these new tracks via Soundcloud. 

It all stated when Lukey D first followed Kil on twitter back in 2012, after listening to one of his podcasts where he was reviewing the latest Nas album, Life Is Good. Little did he know, Kil was actually one of the illest producers Luke’s ever gotten to work with! It was February of 2016 when they finally got to chatting about working together on a project. Kil originally sent Luke 5 beats and said “Let’s just put out a free EP to get our names out there and we’ll let the music speak for itself.” Then Kil introduced 4 more beats to Luke a month later and he thought to himself, “Damn, I got to bring the heat on these!” Fast forward 10 months & 3 singles later,  here we are! 

The Capisce EP is an underground east coast boom-bap sensation that any Hip-Hop head would die for. Kil & Lukey D wanted to do one thing with this project and that was bringing the Golden Age of rap into 2016. Mission accomplished, make sure you stream Capisce now and let us know what you think about the EP! 

Listen to Capisce here:

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