NighLawn x Purple Elixir 

NighLawn is an ambitious female artist coming out of Arlington Virginia, at only 23 she just released a project called Purple Elixir. Having support from her team consisting of her childhood friends and Mychelle, who is also a rapper herself. She’s been working on this project since her birthday this past March. “It took longer than expected because I was still holding onto a negative relationship with someone and my mood would always lead me to write a new song, therefore replacing one on the project.”

She tells me how Purple Elixir came about by saying, “I thought about how I felt being in love, kind of felt drunk in love at times, or I’d actually make phone calls or send out texts to the person I wanted to be with due to being intoxicated. Purple is stemming from the purple syrup, you know like Lil Wayne and then drink. Elixir is a potion, hence the fact why I was head over heels with someone who didn’t treat me right.” The project was initially about something else, another idea, but after her birthday, her relationship took a turn and ended. She says she “reworked the project and subconsciously started to write all my songs from the heart. I never had a vision for “Purple Elixir” but once I wrote 30 songs I narrowed it down, and came up with the title as I listened to the lyrics. I brought it to life just by trusting that my emotions would carry me far enough to make a dope first project and I was right, just had to believe in my story telling ways of music.”

You can find Purple Elixir on SoundCloud (click the link below) and you might see some dope visuals coming soon! Make sure you follow NighLawn on twitter @NighLawn and check out her project now!

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