Next 2 Me x Bucky Malone

If you’ve been following Bucky Malone on any of his social media you’ll know that his new project The Pink Album will be releasing on January 1, 2017! Over the past couple of weeks he’s been busy promoting and performing in shows,  participating in pop up shops in Philly and DC (December 30th) and featured at 40oz Bounce in Virginia Beach.
 He recently dropped visuals for Wi$hlist and now he’s back, dropping Next to Me which is a single off The Pink Album. Produced by ICYTWAT, this song is a banger and it’s just a snippet from what we can expect to come. Bucky has been making A LOT of noise around his new project so it’s defiantly something to look forward to! Make sure you follow him on twitter @buckymalone703 for all the latest news and updates! Make sure you guys come out on December 2nd to Velvet Lounge in DC for an outstanding show featuring Bucky himself and other locals around the DMV!

Listen to Next 2 Me here:

Watch Wi$hlist here: 

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