Gaz and Effect LP

This freestyle focused artist is representing from Fairfax, VA. At only 22 years old, he has spent the past 3 years practicing and bettering his crafts, freestyling, producing and he organized an independent label called 703 entertainment. Gaz released his debut project called “Off the Dome” in March of 2016. That project was heavily influenced by some of his idols, Eminem, Big Sean, Kid Cudi and Twista. 

He does have an EP for us coming VERY soon! By the end of this year he will have released “Gaz and Effect” the EP which will consist of 11 tracks. With a plethora of producers and features this project seems like it’s going to feature very dope flows and beats! With features ranging from NoDaysOffJones to HasonCue and hot producers such as Gaz himself and Veteran Beatz.  Gaz released his track list on the morning of thanksgiving, also mentioning that this project will be featured on iTunes! Make sure you stay in tune with Gaz on Twitter for more information on Gaz and Effect and also any new information he has for us! For more information please visit and also follow Gaz on Twitter at @gaztherapper!

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