Meet Crescent Clvn 

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the gentlemen of Crescent Clvn, Jeremy Okami and Kumori Brahma. What I thought was going to be about a 30 minute interview, ended up being over a hour of continuous conversation about who these guys are and how in depth their mind works. Okami and Brahma have known each other for a very long time now. In high school they made a song called “Lunar Eclipse” but never released it, “we just walked around school letting n*ggas listen to it” Okami said. They proceed to release Jeremy’s debut song after, called “Bath Salts.” Ever since, the guys kept going, they soon formed a group called OKO (Odd Kids Out) with a few of their friends, which they consider the foundation of their group Crescent Clvn. 

you can only achieve as far as you’re able to dream. – Brahma

Expression was a major factor for Brahma when it came to music. Making sure that the music made his audience feel is a very important factor. On the other hand, Jeremy has big plans to change the music we hear as a whole. Though he didn’t tell me his plan to do so (I almost got it out of him) we can only expect greatness and change of the people and how we create music. “Everyone is just trying to the best they can, with what they have. – Brahma” 

These guys are also known to be great performers. Doing shows like the 90’s Party where they first performed “Swayed,” A Show for the Underrated and NovaFest where they performed with OKO. Brahma tells me that he’s an elemental person, he likes to channel a source of power, for him, it’s fire. He explains that he likes to be amplified, unyielding and purifying all at the same time. He makes it very important that his energy radiates onto the crowd.

Following your dreams and doing what makes you happy seemed very important when we were talking. Everything came back around to the fact that, you’re not living for anyone but yourself, death is inevitable, so do whatever it is that truly brings you happiness. Jeremy stressed the fact that life happens fast, before you know it, you’re in your fourties, beer belly and still paying off debt only to realize you are where you are because you never truly followed your path, you settled. These gentlemen are very passionate about music and push everyone around them to do what it is that makes them happy. Everyday is about making progression and taking steps to better yourself and to get you to where you need to be, you’re ultimate goal. 

They do have new music coming our way soon! Brahma is working on a project tittled The World That Never Was, producing that as well. He opted to make the tracks 17-20 mins stating that he wants to capture his listeners. “Each song will take you in a new direction” he says. You can also be expecting new music from Jeremy as well, though he likes to keep his new music on the down low, we can be expecting music from him in the new year. It was truly a pleasure getting to know not only their music abilities but who they are as people. Follow both of them on social media for all new updates on music and life.

Listen to them on SoundCloud here:

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