Land of the Gs x Con 

Con has created a flow and sound that has opened up a lane he can call his own. His aggressiveness but intelligent wordplay delivery reminds of the ULT Gawd, Denzel Curry. But I don’t even feel right comparing him. This man is simply in a lane of his own. Con from 703, where? From the 703! A place that’s in need of some superstars and there’s a few putting on but no ones going harder for the area like Con is on Land of the Gs. What gets me though is the endings, it’s like his peers somehow sparked motivation for the music and some of it was just pure comedy. I enjoyed it. I’m sure everyone else did as well. But the music overall had me focused on becoming a star in my own shoes. Con motivating the listeners.

First impression: He’s from where? Flowing like this? Immediately zoned in to catch what he was saying. I can never digest one body of work. That was a sign.

Key songs: Evil Spirits-Con touches bases of mental illness in the illusion of battling demons at dark times. I’m always down to support raising awareness. 

Gleams Interlude- Storytime! Sh*t I felt like I knew Gleam. Matter fact I think we all know Gleam. The alter ego of many of us. Gleam comes and goes as he please. He’s not to be fucked with.

Backseat Affections- Something different, Con shows his versatility. Tyler’s amazing. This whole song just caught my attention. 

Anaconda Vise- Another sound from Con I think drew me in to the whole Artist that is Con. It made me interested in his story and his vision. 

703- 703 Anthem!! Somewhere the beat is yelling murder!

Tales From The Chevy- Tales from Con. Travel with the MC and prepare for what’s to come.. 

Key features:  Tyler Wrighteous, Sonny Ward, Noo$e 

Key producers: IQ!!

Negativity: Very scarce. This seemed like a growing period we just witnessed via music. Can’t even imagine what’s coming next. 
Final impression: Con and his brother, IQ have gained my attention, looking forward to his next project. I feel like it’ll be propelling one for these two. I need you all to pay attention and support them. Stars in their own way. 
Rating: 8/10

Make sure you check out Land of the Gs available on Apple Music! 

             Written by: Tavon Hamlet 

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