Meet the Artist x JayDotSmiff

Introducing a very creative mind coming out of Washington D.C.! JayDotSmiff is a 22 year old whose passion for music continues to grow each day. Starting at the age of 17, his love for music started with an unexpected trip with his cousin to pick up studio equiptment, “we didn’t know how to use it at first, then next thing you know I’m making songs.” Being in the District, he found inspiration around his city and in the people. “Being from DC we have the whole GoGo thing, it’s everywhere from my house to school.” JayDot also said he looks up to some DC natives such as Wale, Shy Glizzy and Tabi Bonet. Growing up he listened to a wide variety of Hip Hop and R&B artist ranging from Lionel Ritchie and Luther  Vandross to DMX and Scarface, which really helped drive him to be a better artist. “Their music helped me develop because I did a ton of studying from both sides! From word play to delivery I try to do as they did.” In his song GOLDEN ERA you’d notice the 90’s vibe coming out and in his song “MOVE” he channeled his inner Michael Jackson with the skat and “owwww” in song, also sampling Luther Vandross.

His project, Writings on the Wall 2 was his personal favorite. “It was a growing point for me, from loosing friends due to violence & being let down by people, a lil conscience raps in there, just quality records.”

Music has changed my life because it allowed me to break out a shell I was once in.

JayDot also told us that he likes to draw outside of music. “Honestly that was the first love before music! If I was writing/recording something I was drawing it like an escape/outlet.” He shares with us that his song writing process it a bit different from most. “I don’t necessarily write WRITE my songs down on the spot, I kinda spitball stuff around and whatever line I like, I used to write it down and it builds from there. The beat selection is the hard part I swear, I’ll stay on SoundCloud for literally hours trying to find a beat that hits me but once I do I take off.” His latest work “Writings on the Wall 3” was a 19 track project, was “the biggest one due to plays it got, I wasn’t expecting that at all.” (With plays well in the thousands.) His track called “All In” blew up and landed him on! He also recently announced via Instagram that he has a project in the works called “In the Meantime.” He says so far “all I know is “Move” will be on it.” He’s aiming for a feel good type of sound. We can’t wait to hear more when the project drops! Be sure to follow JayDot on all social media so you can keep up with music!

Follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud @ JayDotSmiff

Listen to Writings on the Wall 3 down below!

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