The wait is finally over! Virginia’s very own Kasanova is presenting us with new music and good news! You may be familiar with his latest hits “Unpopular” and “Complicated” which both surpass 2k listens on Soundcloud each. He now introduces, The Real and In Love. 

Both previously released tracks, Kas didn’t keep them up for long as they were just a teaser to see where his fans were, but now with a high demanding fan base he’s decided to rerelease the two tracks and also pair them both with visuals! He exclusively told us that In Love will actually be a continuation of Unpopular and that it’s also one of the singles off his debut EP set to be releasing on iTunes in December. If you know Kas you know he finds inspiration through real experiences, “Anyone who knows my process of recording music, knows each song I do has hidden meaning and are true stories.” Following In Love, The Real will also be a continuation to a previously released track called “Her Interlude.”

 Although his EP will only be 3 tracks, he’s using that as a start to make an introduction of himself and to tell his story to a much greater audicance. You’ll have to wait till the EP drops on iTunes to hear the 3rd track, so be sure to stay updated with him in December. He also dropped news that he’ll be working hard to release music every single Wednesday on his labels SoundCloud page UnderRatedTheLabel

Follow him on Twitter @TheOrdinaryNerd

On Soundcloud @UnderRatedTheLabel 

& on Instagram @theordinarynerd

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