NoFace, Rapper 

I had the pleasure of sitting down and getting to know this Woodbridge native by the name of NoFace Rapper. He was the most down to earth, humble guy. The 26 year old started by telling me how his love for music begun. At 16 years old, he began to notice is anger issues were getting bad, a church member suggested writing. At first it was all anger being written but as time went on, anger started turning into creativity. He found ease and influences in rappers such as Eminem, DMX, Nas, and Ice cube. NoFace stuck to this positive way to release his anger and turned it into something great. 

Finally, after a long break, in February 2016 NoFace released an EP for Valentine’s day called, A Couple for a Couple. It consisted of two songs, 90’s Girls and Dem Jeans. He aimed it towards the ladies and of course, couples on Valentine’s day. Even though NoFace took a break previously, he was still developing and building his crafts up leading up to the EP release. One of the most defining moments for him this far would be the all the changes he’s made to better himself. It started when he changed his name from “Swaqqz” to NoFace Rapper.

” Don’t look at me and define me by whatever you see, I want the music to do the talking”

NoFace talks a lot about possibly opening up a studio in the future for other aspiring artists to be able to have equiptment and a place to make music. He talks about he importance of Virginia making a come up, and how all the creative talent need to form together to make it happen. He seems very passionate about Virginia’s music scene and helping it grow and develop. When I ask other artists if they would ever relocate, answers like New York, California and Atlanta come out, but NoFace surprised me when he said he’s going to stay right here. It’s very refreshing to hear that an artist see’s potential in the people around his community. Wanting to do for them is even more amazing. 

As time passed, NoFace began claiming to be “a sucker for soul and very soulful samples” he now knows the sound he wants to emanate and how to get there. He tells me how he wants to collaborate with more singers for an R&B vibe. He’s continuously working on different sounds to stay balanced. “I try to keep it organic in how I create, like if I know I’m going to write something, I’ll try to plan it out and not listen to anything that I heard or anything that I like, that day and try to focus.” NoFace is currently working on a new project that might be dropping sooner than we think! He wasn’t able to give me a tittle, but he was able to let me know that he’s waiting until it’s cold as possible to release. He says it’s a project for the colder weather. “It sounds like Winter, perfect for the snow.” 

Be sure to follow him all Twitter and Instagram @NoFaceRapper. Also listen to his songs via soundcloud at NoFace, Rapper.

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