Earlier this week I had the pleasure of sitting down with a local group called RoeShamBeaux. The most down to earth guys with an amazing manager, who really has their best interest at heart. These guys are just trying to turn their love for music into a lifestyle, and together they just might do it! 

Q: For those who don’t know, who are you guys and what do you do?

A: I am one half of RoeShamBeaux (JayTheHomie on twitter) and MikeySoL is the rapper and producer. We’re just two folks who like making HipHop, good music that touches our soul. Just letting people know who we really are. 

Q: Individually what would be you consider your crafts/talents?

A: Jay- I write, rap songs, try to dive into writing a little bit for music videos, writing out outlines for things like that. It’s something that i’ve always wanted to dip into. Mikey- producing, rapping.

Q: As a group, how long have you guys known music was what you wanted to persuade? 

A: Jay- Probably early highschool. MikeySoL- yeah, early highschool, then once I clicked up back with him senior year we were just like okay, it’s time to start this.

Q: In 2015 you guys released a project called “Woody Harrelson” how would you guys define that project ?

A: Mikey- it was kinda like everything we learned up to that point because the one right before that was coming off of a big hiatus of just not putting out anything and with this one we just wanted to put out and highlight everything we learned up to that point. 

Q: How do you guys bring your individual characteristics into the group?

A: Jay- I just try as hard as I can to be myself. It’s a process, because when i first start rapping you always try to sound like someone else, you always try to find out who influences you, but then it comes to a certain point where your like these people are important and they stand out to me so much because they’re themselves, so eventually i just processed every song and tried harder and harder to be exactly who I am in the song. Mikey- and I feel like it gets better as you get older, because I remember when we were younger we always tried to hit a certain sound. Now I’m getting better at immulating what I hear in my head. Jay- I mean music, or the process of getting better at making music is the exact same process of better yourself as a person because I feel like growing up you’re not always too comfortable in your skin, but the more you learn the more comfortable you get and it’s just like that with writing music. 

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Everything is always changing but you should always be true to who you are as a person, reguardless of what the trend is at the moment. 

Q: What drew you guys together first? What sparked the friendship?

A: Jay – We became friends back in high school through sports, football. We had the same interests.  Mikey- yeah we used to fuck around and talk about South Park and old Donald Glover skits on the sidelines. 

Q: So how did the idea of starting the group come up? 

A: Jay- A facebook post, it all started from a Facebook post. Mikey- I’ll tweet about it like once everybyear when it comes up on time hop, it was a facebook status that said “oh I wish there was a record store around here” and Jay commented like oh, you make beats? and I was like how’d you know haha”

Jay and Mikey have been in the music scene for anout 5-6 years now. Originally named “Sleeping Giants” they decided to change the name after they found out there was a hard rock Christian band with the exact same name. Mikey “I had a list of random ass names and I just randomly picked this one (RoeShamBeaux) and was like hey do you like it, Jay was like yeah sure and here we are.” Rhyan, their manager has been putting them on the right track to make their dreams reality. Their single Jetta Whippin (which you can find on soundcloud) was just a beat at first. Mikey explained that he found the sample and made the beat and didn’t even think anything would come out of it. “Honestly, he sent me the beat and I was like, I have to rap to this.” Jay said. Little did they know, that the song would end up with almost 200k listens on soundcloud! Along with their success on Jetta Whippin, they also perform in shows across the DMV. They did tell me that they are working on a visuals for their song “Fifa and 40s” which doesn’t have a set release day, but it’s defiantly something to look forward too. They are also releasing a lot of singles in the near future that you don’t want to miss out on. 

I really want to thank Rhyan, Jay and Mikey for allowing me to sit down with them! They were honestly so passionate about what they do and I had a great time. Make sure you follow them on all of their social media for new music and visuals! 

Twitter: @JaytheHomie @MikeyyySoL 

 Representation Twitter: @rhyan_TopNotch @TopNotchMACMGMT

IG: @jaythehomie_ @mikeyyysol 


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