Tyler Wrighteous x Nimbus

Chubby Gambino! My first take on Tyler was he can flow! He was creative, could write, and is a hard worker for sure. The emotions and levels reached with his writing made me double take to make sure Sampha picture wasn’t there lol. This project is one of the top projects from any VA artist this year. There’s a clear motive from the artist we see, he’s sold me on his message of never giving up and living life. That’s what I hear when Nimbus comes on. Tyler’s choice in skits and carefully aligning of words, flows, and melodies puts the Artist on a new level.  

Key Songs: 

The New Altitude- Self produced, flow and creativity levels up literally throughout the song. It shows that Tyler’s future is bright and we’re all getting a chance to witness another great artist develop into a star.

No Relation- Chubby Gambino! He speaks about a lot in this track. You just have to listen and listen close..

Atmosphere- A Banger no doubt! A fuck it! Kinda song. Then Transitions into a journey in Tyler’s mind.

Key features:  

Con, Sunny Moonshine, Saxophone x Masego

Key Producers: Tyler Wrighteous! Fake Uzumi, Harley Mac, Rozwell OTW, Wonya Love

Negativity: Not much really. Somewhat flawless. But It grows on you after a few listening if you’re are not listening carefully…

Final Impression:

Nimbus will be played a year from now and everyone will be raging and singing every word.. Tyler will level up and give us more legendary vibes.
Rate: 8/10, looking forward to this guys future. He’ll give us a timeless project soon..

Written by: Tavon Hamlet 

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