90 WYSE x Ahead of the Scene

Cover Art: Gxldiethesensai (@Gxldiethesensai) & JAdams (@Julian_Lamar_)
The hype for 90 WYSE’s debut single titled “Ahead of the Scene” is now over. Tonight around 10 PM you’ll be able to hear and realize that 90 WYSE did NOT come to play, he came to make his mark! It started with Trankquility, 90 and Monk in the studio. Monk created the beat and soon Trank freestyled his hook on sight. Feeling inspired by his friends, 90 started writing. 

“The song was more of a “I think I’m a better lyricist then everyone who’s out,” being ahead of the scene. And this is a song for the introduction to my longevity in this rap game. Bars are almost going instinct nowadays. All you need is a trap beat and a hook to make it, taking away from the essence of hip hop. Hip originated from poems, actual substance.” he said. 

90 has been working hard to make sure he’s got what he needs to step out into the game and to show these other artists that he’s coming on strong! Here’s a message he shared with me:

 “The guys that are doing it big, I want respect from. Not me per say but the craft I put forward because I don’t write abc lines like it’s ok and I’m just big enough and know people are gonna say fuck it. I write to lyrically make you think which gives a replay value and your gonna have to rewind the shit back a couple of times to understand. I’m putting complexity to my bars that you just don’t get, it just sounds like I’m talking but I want you to break down what I’m saying but by the time you break down that one line, there’s 3 more you missed.” 

You guys really don’t want to miss the drop of 90 WYSE’s DEBUT single ft Trankquility. Getting a chance to talk to 90 about the new single was really a pleasure! We can’t wait to see the numbers he’ll do when his single drops! This is only the beginning. To keep up with 90 WYSE follow him on twitter @90wyse.

ARTIST: Trankquillity (@TrankQuility) & 90 WYSE 

Producer: MONK (@MonkofVZA)

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