If you’ve been keeping in tune with all the Artists in our area, then you’ve defiantly heard the name Sonny Ward. Sonny has performed on multiple occasions around the area, he connects with almost everyone he meets, and overall, he’s a very talented artist. With singles like “Talk Back” and “Better than You” we were all curious as what we’d hear from him next. 

“This album is different from my other projects because this one is real. It has meaning behind it”

He started tweeting about his new project #MSTS (More Sorry Than Safe) and immediately it’s become the most highly anticipated project set to release, and it wasn’t until he started sharing clips of his newest single “LOUD” that everyone knew, Sonny had stepped up in the game. Speaking to various artists sharing their opinions about Sonny, everyone seems to be very proud to see how much he’s grown and congratulate him on creating such a dope project! With producers like Jaekwon, Induhgo and IQ, and (comfirmed) features from Con & Aye yo Smiley, this project will be nothing short of greatness. I wasn’t allowed to give away too much information, so you’ll have to stay updated with us to hear more exclusives!

To listen and connect with Sonny follow him on Twitter @SonnyJX_ and on 

To listen to his new single LOUD: 

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