Parking Lot Performaces

On October 1, the UrbanJunkies attended a show in DC. The venue was gorgeous, having a wide set up of artist displays, a live art model and Vendor displays. The guest list included Eternal DC, Wasted Youth, Breezy Supreme and DRXTTI just to name a few. Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties with the sound equiptment causing there to be a delay with the performances. Nonetheless there were very talented artists and photographers to meet and look through in the mean time. We came across some very interesting people and loved the energy that was in the building. After about 10:30 one of the performers by the name of Najhea (@najneedpac) took matters into her own hands. She gathered some of the other performers, marched downstairs and pulled her car up to the door. She connected the aux to soundcloud, and the performances began! Naj performed Stuntin, HEX girls and najgotdaposh remix (video clip below) Her energy was so raw and dope and you could really see the passion in her eyes. 

Some artists that also performed were @DeshonHodges who spit a phemonimal piece about what’s going on in our community, @TrePicasso, @Trendy_Niggaa and @Aquilvcr! (You can follow all of these artists on Twitter) Even though everything didn’t go as planned, Naj made the best of the situation & made sure everyone got their shine that night. We really need more people around who are really here to uplift and support each other. Thank you to all the artist who participated outside and make sure you follow all of them on their social media to keep updated with all their work!
 Thank you again to everyone who came out to support, we loved meeting everyone and we still ended up having a great night! 

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