A Seat at the Table x Solange

All Hail The Queen! Now take a Seat! 
If you don’t know, well now you know! Is basically what Solange told us last week after dropping her album that sent the internet on a frenzy. A Seat At The Table, joins the long list of projects that are really needed this year. It’s no secret being colored or black in this country has not been easy nor acknowledged. Adding her name on the list of Grammy potential Pro-Black Albums, she’s not shying away from the message she aims to spread. Don’t Touch My Hair! FUBU! Solange is her for her people and we are here for Solange. A Seat At The Table is flawless and perfected for the end of the year moods. Solange was also here to remind the world that she is a Queen and she’s undefeated still in every field. Creative directing and Co-directing visuals reminds us she always used to her platform to raise awareness and educate. In Don’t Touch My Hair she shows you the various styles that attracted hands to the crown. Queen Solange and friends dance as they simply tell you, Don’t Touch My Hair. Solange’s four years of work really is a blessing to the industry during a time of revival. It seems like taking your time creates timeless music hinting at Frank’s recent Blond and Endless Albums. Nonetheless Solange shows that she’s Black and she’s proud! 

First impression: Should I be dancing to this? Did she spend the past four years with Frank Ocean? I had no negative thoughts instead the music made me dance along with the painful reminders the lyrics told. I love it. Good album…

Key Features:Master P, Lil Wayne, Tweet, The Dream, Q-Tip, Sampha, BJ The Chicago Kid

Key Producers:Solange, Q-Tip, John Kirby, Sir Dylan, Rapheal Saadiq, Troy Johnson

Key Songs:
Rise– Solange starts the album off with Rise, a beautifully crafted masterpiece that reintroduces us to Solange

Crane In The Sky– Most likely the song that everyone will blast for the next year or so. The Knowles are ruling!

Don’t Touch My Hair– A song that was needed for all POC, it’s message is clear. Do not touch my hair! Solange adds Sampha vocals that brings forth extra emotions 

FUBU!– ForUsByUs! Her message thickens as she shows you the Keys to success, Owning your own! Basically..

Interlude: Pedalstool– The highlight of being targeted by the system and police. It feels like this conversation was filled with a lot emotions and fueled by the past tragedies in our communities. 

Mad– Wayne delivers a relevant line about mental healthy. It represents mental health in black communities existing and it doesn’t apply to the rich and famous.

Where Do We Go– The question fits relationships and life journeys. The chords are beautiful. Seductive harmonies. Drums and piano might make you dance a little too. Where do we go from here? This question needs answers…

Negativity: N/A!!!

Final Impression: Written and Produced by Solange! That says it all, this woman is a beast! Super talented, intelligent, and a teacher Solange is all that is a Titan. Add A Seat At The Table to the list of music that just takes you to different places on different journeys through out an entire album. I recommend everyone clear their schedules and check the speakers and make sure they’re extremely loud then take A Seat At The Table now I enjoy. You’re welcome. Solange has always been a voice for her people but this album gives us something to relate to if we’re hurting or even in love. Something For Us By Us!

Rating: Timeless!! 10/10 

Check out the Visuals Directed by Queen and King, Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson here.

Check out the completed credited list for A Seat At The Table here

             Written by: Tavon Hamlet 

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