The Devine Feminine x Mac Miller

Goodbye KIDS! Hello Mr. Miller!

If you’re like me you have been following Mac’s career for a while now. Since KIDS was starting up and everyone wondered who was this white boy with a room full of Nikes and liquor, at the time every high school kid who’s parents let them smoke had the exact same set up. But when you heard the first few verses you knew the kid was for real. Mac grew up and Blue Slide Park was a solid project letting the world know he could stand with the rest. Macadelic put the world on the map and we all deemed it classic. If it was up to me, Good A.M. Will be untouched but unfortunately Mac had other plans. The Divine Feminine is a great, he produced and wrote a project every one can love. Calling up acts like Bilal, Cee-Lo, Anderson Paak., Kendrick Lamar, & his long awaited love Ariana Grande. The production team that was credited should be labeled WonderTeam! The sounds produced were wonderful to the ear. This album has invaded every playlist on my phone! 

First Impression:

Mac starts The Divine Feminine with help from the Legendary Bilal who delivers Vocals that sets you up for the mood of the album. Immediately we are given vibrant feels from AP! Hotter Than a Fuckin High Beam! Anderson is a crazy scary Kat in the studio. So we can only imagine, for now, what these two came up with during their time together. The start to this album shows Mac progression and growth as a man and artist, as a fan you can be nothing but happy for him. The musical content and process has changed. But changed in a good way. Just like every other Artist/Producer they’ve grown with each other and progressed together. 

Key Songs: Dang!, Stay, Cinderella, My Favorite Part, God is Fair, Sexy Nasty

Key Features: Bilal, TY $, Kendrick Lamar

Key Producers: ID Labs, Dâm Funk, Pomo

Negativity: At times Mac seemed to be going through the motions and displaying emotionless feels. Larry wasn’t in attendance much. 

Final Impression: Simple, I love it!

Rate: 8.7/10

            Written By: Tavon Hamlet 

            (@LordTavon on twitter)

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