90s Show 

On saturday night our friends Niq Bohr (@NiqBohr on twitter) and Bri (@itsBrileeezy on twitter) hosted a 90’s themed event with performaces by our local artists ! Everyone came out to the smokeshope dressed in their best 90’s fit to have a great time and that’s exactly what we did! The evening started off with our DJ, Tyler Wrighteous playing some of our favorite throwbacks to get everyone up and moving. The loft upstairs was off limits,  but we did get a chance to take a peak thanks to our friend Kery. She was conducting artist interviews for her video series called “Rolling Perspectives With Kery Jae.” Her set up was very laid back, private and she had even offered for me to sit in on an interview! Kery also got the pleasure to interview Mr.Smokey himself! Be sure to stay tuned for the release of all the interviews and upcoming content coming soon! 
pictured: @DonPOE & @keryjaeeline

The performances started around 10:30 with Lazy Rios! You guys already know he killed his set with features from the gentlemen of OKO. Lazy performed QNA, Spacebars ft Gami (@DjBeniG), Jump Around and a new single from his EP called Ricky Tan which is on an EP called “No Floatie” which you should keep your eyes peeled for soon! He also had a surprise for us when he brought out CRESCENT CLVN (@BrahmaCreates & @JeremyOkami on twitter) to perform their new single called SWAYED.

The crowd was bumping so much TylerWrighteous ran it back for a second time! These gentlemen really had the crowd hype and all over the place. The crowd really enjoyed their performance. 

After a slight intermission, the next artist by the name of Taya Jae performed. Her and her squad brought the perfect amount of energy to keep the crowd hype and showed up in the cutest 90s fit! (if I must say so myself). Her set included 50 Fifty, Bussin Jugs and Coming Up,  and it just so happens, that her single Coming Up was played on WPGC 95.5 by Tony Reddz! Make sure you follow her on social media to stay updated on her new projects! She will be dropping her mixtape called “JUST BECAUSE” on Tuesday September 20th, stay tuned for that. In the house we also had Noo$e giving us a taste of some of new and upcoming music he’s been working on. He performed VA to Hollywood, Kickback and Come on baby, which are all unreleased music that will be on a new project called “Ride $low “that’s about 90% finished, I think” he says. He also has not put out a date for release, but he wants everyone know he’s been cooking! He also performed his singles called Flex’n Finess’n and No ft. Jack Harlow which of course, had everyone out of their seat. 

We had the one and only Bucky Malone came out to perfom a few of his hits starting with “Myself” from his project called “Orange Line $hawty”, 6AM at Fuego’s, Feelin Me Doe, Myself, A$AP YAMS, and Wi$hlist. The crowd seemed to really enjoy his performance and the energy he brought fourth! Closing out the show we had Con! He also gave us a little taste of new music when he performed his unreleased song called “Como Dios.” His set also included Intro For the G’s, Con Harden, and the song that gets EVERYONE hype, 703! Overall we had a great time listening to performances and interacting with our peers. We hope everyone enjoyed their selves. To hear all the songs that were performed by the featured artists make sure to follow them all their soundclouds/social media pages!

Speacial thank you to the Smoke Shope, Ray, Niq and Bri for having us, and everyone who showed up to support the artist and to have a good time. Remember to be careful with how much you consume and inhale, know your limits and be safe! Check out the links to all the performers, artist and business inquiries for RPWKJ below!

Lazy Rios:                                                Twitter: @lazyrios IG: @LazyRios Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/LazyRios

Taya Jae:                                                   Twitter, IG & Snapchat: TayaJae_  Youtube: TayajaeTv                         Download Spinrilla to hear her new mixtape today!

Noo$e:                                                        Twitter & Soundcloud: @NooSeMusik 

Bucky Malone:                                      Twitter: @BuckyMalone703      Soundcloud: Bucky Malone 

Con: Twitter: @ConHatesMondays Soundcloud: Con & Zank 

Kery w/ RPWKJ:                               Instagram: keryjaeline                       Twitter: @RPWKJTV Email:rollingperspectivesTV@gmail.com

Tyler Wrightous:    http://tylerwrighteo.us/           SoundCloud: .com/tylerWRIGHTEOUS

Photographer:                                         Twitter & IG: @SkinsGoHog 

Written by: Nariessa 

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